What is the difference between an ‘Intelligent Verbatim’ transcript, and a ‘Verbatim’ transcript?

Intelligent verbatim transcripts are a full and accurate record of your audio file, but omitting any unnecessary ‘filler’ words, such as “ums,” ”errs,” and repeated words.  Sentences that are restarted are not included, unless the transcriber feels that the meaning would be lost without them. Slang such as "wanna" and "gonna" are extended to their correct terms of "want to" and "going to." Basic non-verbal communication, such as [laughs] and [pauses] are included. Intelligent Verbatim transcripts are much easier to read and therefore suitable for a variety of purposes.

Verbatim transcripts are a full and accurate record of everything that the transcriber hears , including all ‘filler’ words, such as “ums” and “errs”, together with repeated words and slang.  All non-verbal communication is also included, for example, [coughs], [hesitates], [shuffles papers], [shouts], and [whispers].  Because Verbatim Transcripts provide a real sense of the interaction between the people involved, it is often required for legal cases.